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Gramvousa Restaurant has been named after the peninsula of Gramvousa (or, traditionally, Gramboussa) located at the Northwestern tip of Crete. Gramvousa is one of the fewest places not only on Crete, but also in all of Greece, where nature and tradition have been left untouched by the hands of time. Gramvousa essentially constitutes the Northwestern tip of Crete. Being rich in history, during the Minoan era, and also during the periods of the Venetian and Turkish occupations, the visitor is shaken by its unaffected, authentic beauty. Gramboussa is where Balos, the most renowned tropical beach of Greece, is located. Gramvousa Restaurant is situated at one of the most beautiful locations of Gramvousa, right after the picturesque village of Kalyviani, and just a few kilometres after Kastelli or Kissamos, the largest settlement of the region. Therefore, though it is literally located within nature, access is easy. The view from the location of Gramvousa is truly unique. Looking towards the azure waters of the gulf of Kissamos, and opposite, the peninsula of Rodopou, an amazing spectacle unveils before the eyes of the visitor. It is a combination of blue, white, and green. Many people, both Greek and foreign, consider the view from this location to be one of the most beautiful in Greece.

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